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Step 1:
Click on the Log In Button on the bottom of the front page and set up your account. Your account holds your contact information such as name, address, phone and email. At any time, you can visit your account and see previous orders. This can be helpful to repeat orders with ease, and to see what your choices and preferences have been.

Then click on one of the 3 boxes on the front page: Meal Plans, A La Carte or Weight Loss. This will take you to an inside page and a menu panel on the left side of the page will give you all of your options.

Step 2:
The menu panel on the left of the screen shows you the different ways that you can purchase meals! You will see 3, 5 and 7 day meal plan options, Slim Fit Meal plan options, ordering A La Carte for individual meal selections, or Family Bundles or packages.

We recommend you consider our 3, 5, or 7 day Meal Plan options and then select A La Carte or Family items to fill the gaps to keep even the fussiest eater happy! Meal Plan Options give you drop down menus and you can select the exact items that you wish for Dinners, Lunch, Side Dishes and Soup.

As another option, visit the Single Meal section and scroll through the 5 pages of over 65 items. We also give you quick access to other Local Products, such as tea, coffee, water bottles and accessories.

Think about what your needs are for the coming week or weeks and make your selections with those needs in mind. All of your selections will be delivered in one order, and you can place in the fridge or freezer until you need them.

Fill your cart with your selections. Meal plan selections, single meal selections and family bundles can all be placed in the same check out cart, so get creative! The single meal section also gives you opportunity to order 3 packs of sides or 5 pack of lunch or dinners. Our focus is to give you the options that would be the most appealing to address your needs.

Step 3:
You have selected your meals and they are ready to be checked out. Select Check Out! It is that simple. Select your delivery date for Tuesday, of the following week or the week of your choice. Be sure to check the details of your order, including your items, your address and any details to help with your delivery.

Add any special comments in the Comments Section of your order. Please complete your purchase before our Thursday midnight cut off of the week before your delivery. We will always accept late orders should you miss the website cut off. Just drop us an email or call us to let us know and we will adjust the delivery date for you. If you have any special requests or questions please let us know and we will do our best to get right back to you.

Note: If you have any special requests regarding delivery, we are always happy to make special deliveries for other days of the week.

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