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About Us

Your health is our #1 concern! Our mission is to help families in Calgary have nutritious and healthy family meals, every day of the week. We bring you convenient and affordable access to meals prepared from certified organic, local and natural sources. Our goal is to improve your quality of life, and make a difference to the planet. At Healthy Chef Delivery™, we are focused on your health, your family experience and bringing you a delicious fresh food alternative that you can count on.

Are you too busy to cook?

Whether you are a parent, an active single or couple, when you get home from a busy day at the office, wouldn’t you enjoy some personal or family time, knowing that you have a healthy meal prepared and waiting? Prepared foods are an excellent choice for your family budget dollars.

Where can you save time and money?

• Food dollars ending up in the garbage
• Gas, or parking dollars for grocery shopping
• Time in long line ups at the grocery store
• Fighting traffic on the long drive home
• Time and energy to plan and cook
• On the REAL cost of your shopping and cooking
Our Prepare on Demand System ensures that no food is wasted and your dollars are spent wisely. Our efficient delivery process reduces the carbon foot print and is kind to our environment!

Download our Hidden Food Cost Calculator and see for yourself where your food dollars are being wasted!

Our Philosophy
Family dinnertime is part of our Canadian heritage. This is a time when the family bonds, shares their day, and receives nourishment and nurturing. Some days there just isn’t enough time to put the love and attention into preparing a healthy and nutritious meal. With Healthy Chef Delivery™ you can spend your time with your family, enjoy a traditional family meal, and trust that your family is eating the best that nature can offer.

Our Values
We believe that the family dinner is a core need of every family.
We stand behind our organic, natural, and local guarantees.
We are passionate about the environment that we live in.
We are committed to supporting people in their health goals.
We support local farmers, ranchers and Canadian farmland.
We invest in children and families because they are the future.

Who uses Healthy Chef Delivery™ prepared food?
• Moms, Dads and kids lunches and snacks
• Professionals who have no time to shop and cook
• Seniors who want to have alternatives and healthy choices
• Fit adults, or body builders who want healthy choices in their fridge
• Families for unexpected company and visitors
• People who require gluten free, vegetarian or nutritionally balanced meal plans
• Those who want a healthier choice on their table
• Those who want a healthy planet!
Some of the benefits you will enjoy are:
• Convenience and Health!
• More quality time with your family or for yourself
• Reduced Stress
• Save money from streamlined effort
• Rushing home from hockey?? Now you have food at home!
• Food choices you can count on
Our Team

Judy Dahm, the owner, is a health and leadership coach who is passionate about ensuring that we have food choices that are chemical and antibiotic free. As a health coach, Judy knows how challenging life is for families today. Her clients tell her all the time!! Having a healthy lifestyle that includes great food, enough sleep, exercise, and relaxation is the dream that we all aspire to. Healthy Chef Delivery™ can help you to achieve this dream!

We have a passion for people, and are committed to bringing the highest value of products and delivery to our customers.

Your Healthy Chef Delivery™ team has a passion for food and for health. They are committed to sourcing organic, local and natural products of the highest quality and then delightfully weaving these ingredients into delicious, nutritious meals for you. Occasionally in Calgary it is difficult to access organic produce to fulfill a recipe. We do reserve the right in those situations to source from conventional high quality sources.  Be assured that all of our meals are made from scratch and with a commitment to quality ingredients.

Special Needs
Consumers have questions about how to manage their food allergies, eliminate unhealthy fats and calories from their diet, and boost nutrition and taste. Many informed Calgarians from across all generations understand the value of healthy prepared foods that are organic, local, or natural. Some of our most common requests are for gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian fare. Some of our customers just want to have more healthy choices and a fresh alternative to their diet. Our meal choices honour many of these needs and give you these healthy choices, and our choices will expand over time! Healthy Chef Delivery™ has a country and city  kitchen delivering the best tasting organic prepared meals that you can count on, with certified ingredients, fresh from the farm. In addition to our mix of entrees and lunches that include and meat choices, our standard offerings include a wide range gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian selections. If you have special needs and would like to consult with our nutritionist or a meal planner, please give us a call and we can arrange a personal consultation.  If you have allergies or severe situations please be aware that our kitchen is not classified as a gluten free kitchen and allergens may be present. We connot guarantee that no chemicals or GMO products enter the raw materials. Therefore if you have critical needs please utilize an alternative provider for your meals.  We do not take responsibility for any potential reactions.


Our vision is for a 100% sustainable community in Calgary. Our goal is to be much more than a food provider to you. We provide education and opportunities for community connections by providing trusted references and educational food events. We are connecting in the community, meeting like minded providers, and will be a trusted source for you to find products and services that are in line with our vision and mission. Sign up for our event notifications and we will keep you posted. We will continue to bring products on stream that align with your requirements, so let us know what you’d like to see!

When you Choose Healthy Chef Delivery™, you choose health and opportunity for your family. You reap the benefits of healthy great tasting food that does not rob the environment. You choose an experience and it is our hope that you will build a lasting relationship with us, so that we may serve you and your family to enjoy the best possible healthy lifestyle.

JD Delivery, Inc., an Alberta corporation is committed to your health and is doing business as Healthy Chef Delivery™

Welcome to Healthy Chef Delivery