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We host and participate in events throughout the year to provide you with opportunities to experience the best of sustainable and charitable Calgary! From time to time we may host or recommend workshops and food experiences to nourish your senses, refuel your body and replenish your spirit. Come and support our Calgary local & Alberta producers and promote sustainable healthy living while you are enjoying fine cuisine.

Each event will have a theme to make members aware of sustainable living by enjoying first class cuOur goal is to inform you of events in the Calgary area that would potentially be of interest to you, and to support our community. We are here to make a difference and have fun while enjoying a unique Alberta experience. Please join our advisory group to recommend events for our members. Healthy Chef Delivery supports the local slow food movement, and we encourage you to participate in their local events.

Healthy Chef Delivery encourages you to drink responsibly and in moderation. The legal alcohol blood level limit in Alberta is .08. Please be aware of your responsibilities and govern yourself accordingly.


You may be interested in the following website which identifies upcoming events in Calgary

Drive Safely and we hope to see you soon!

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