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In a hurry? Concerned about shopping and staying safe? Your health is our #1 concern!

If you are always on the go, or want to spend time at HOME due to health concerns, this is the perfect solution to ensure that you have a healthy and hearty meal in your fridge or freezer!

Healthy Chef Delivery has designed lunch and dinner meal plans to meet the needs of the busy professional, the modern family and the health conscious person. When you select our meal plans, you will have healthy choices for lunch, dinner, side dishes and soups. Take them to work, or eat them at home. These are an essential part of your weekly diet!

The Healthy Chef approach to healthy eating uses local, organic and naturally grown when organic is not available depending on season and variety. This constitutes a ratio of at least 60% organic ingredients in our prepared foods, with many of our selections closer to 100% organic. Our prime focus is supporting our local food suppliers who are committed to organic practices, whether certified or naturally grown. We do reserve the right to substitute vegetables on occasion when regular supply is not available.

Gluten Friendly Items are marked GF. Dairy Free Items are marked DF, and Vegan Items are marked V. Some additional items are a vegetarian base but may contain a small amount of butter or cheese, so watch for this if this is your preference!

It is important to note that there are nuts in a small number of products (Korma and Almond green beans) and that there are gluten and nuts in the kitchen. For item ingredients, please refer to the ingredient summary in the Single Meal section. We do our best to insure there is no cross contamination, and use HACCP process, but please note that this CAN occur. If you have allergies or severe sensitivities, please prepare all of your food in your own kitchen where you have safe practices.

1. Decide the # of Days
2. Select the # of People
3. Make your choices from the delicious selections!

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” ― Herophilus

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