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Our Food

OUR MEALS are prepared in a certified, licensed and sanitary kitchen by our Red Seal and HACCP Certified Chef. Dieticians, nutritionists as well as naturopaths and diet counsellors have assisted us in designing entrees that provide maximum nutrition and health management. We delight in sourcing the best local sustainable ingredients and bringing new ideas to your meals every week!


Healthy Chef Deliver celebrates a Green Living lifestyle. We search and source ingredients that cultivated free of additives, herbicides, pesticides and are antibiotic free. We emphasize local, organic and naturally grown when organic is not available depending on season and variety. This constitutes a ratio of no less than 60% organic ingredients in our prepared foods, with many of our selections closer to 100% organic. Our prime focus is supporting our local food suppliers who are committed to organic practices, whether certified or naturally grown. Your health is our #1 concern.

We are committed to preparing food today's needs, and the majority of our items are Gluten Friendly (GF) and Dairy Friendly (DF). Gluten Friendly cooking must be exact and without compromise. Our chef is HAACP certified providing an additional level of kitchen practices to ensure worry free Gluten Friendly meals. Cross contamination is eliminated with proper utensil, pan and container protocols. Look for the GF label on items for Gluten Friendly status. All of our food is described and identified as below:
GF : Gluten Friendly
DF : Dairy Free
V: Vegan


Healthy Chef Delivery only uses Wild Caught Fish in our meals. In 2006, the David Suzuki Foundation partnered with four internationally respected Canadian conservation organizations: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society and Sierra Club British Columbia to form SeaChoice. This is Canada's most comprehensive sustainable seafood program to help Canadians take an active role in supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture at all levels of the seafood supply chain. We look for this label in all of our fish purchases.

Our organic chicken is purchased from a variety of chicken producers in the province, such as Maple Hills, Sunworks Farms, and others. Our organic and grass fed beef is purchased from local Alberta suppliers such as Brandt Lake. Our organic turkey is from Winter's Turkeys. These outstanding suppliers only provide product that you can count on. Our beef is always organic, and grass fed. Our poultry is always certified organic, and we may occasionally purchase from other suppliers. Our fish is always wild caught.

Our produce is purchased directly from local greenhouses and organic produce suppliers in the Calgary region. Sources can vary weekly as we source out the best produce available!


Our focus in meal preparation is to ensure the meal provides 4-6 oz of protein, complex carbohydrates and fresh vegetables. Local nutritionists and dieticians have designed our meals to ensure nutritious, calorie wise, and portion controlled entrees. We only use pink Himalayan sea salt, healthy fats such as olive oil or coconut oil and little or no sugar. Sugar, salt and fat are large contributors to health problems and are used as fillers and taste enhancers in may kitchens. Our commitment is to your health and we will always hold that as our #1 value. You can always count on a delicious meal that is meant to fill you and sustain your health. Our SlimFit meal plan ensures that you have portion controlled items, and consume your complex carbohydrates at lunch. This gives you energy for the day, and also is the best way to keep your weight under control!


Place your items in your fridge and freezer immediately. All chilled and unfrozen food items should be consumed or frozen within two - three days. If you are not planning on eating these so quickly, please feel free to freeze any food item that has been cooked. Fresh and raw produce or fruits cannot be frozen. Please use your own judgement when eating fresh foods, and if you have any concerns, please discard and we will replace the item.

Frozen items should be consumed within 2-3 weeks for optimum freshness. Frozen entrees are best defrosted in your fridge overnight prior to heating. Remove the lids and place in a preheated oven at 375 for 10 - 20 minutes until your food reaches the desired temperature for your eating enjoyment. Remember, your food is already cooked . Ovens heat at different rates, and all foods have their own density, so please use your own judgement for reheating. When the edges start to bubble the item is reheated.

Steam heating is an excellent method to maintain the moisture and freshness of your food. You can do this by placing your items in an oven pan on a grill. Place a layer of water on the bottom of the pan, and cover the entire pan and entrees with tin foil and seal tightly. Place in a preheated oven at 375 - 385 degrees for 10 - 20 minutes. Some items may need more or less time, and if frozen the item will need more time.

We recognize that microwaving is often used to heat food. Please ensure that your meals are fully defrosted, and then place in a microwave safe dish and heat on low. Microwaves can destroy nutrition and taste, so watch closely and do not overheat!

Some items are in plastic containers (eg soups). Please defrost, remove from these containers and re-heat in a pot on your stove. Items such as stews and chilis could also be reheated in a stove top pan if that is your preference.

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