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Nutrition Experts and Chef's

Healthy Chef Delivery was inspired by a great many nutrition experts and health professionals in the Calgary area are beyond. We say a special thank you to Teal Hodgson who assisted in the original concept and meal design. Teal Hodgson, is a natural food chef, food coach, and cooking teacher in Calgary. She has been involved with the organic and whole foods industry for over a decade, and is Healthy Chef Delivery ™ master meal designer! In 1994 Teal attended the worldwide leading authority on health-supportive cuisine, the Natural Gourmet Institute, in New York City. While studying at the Institute Teal garnered an education and necessary culinary skills towards a successful career in culinary arts. Teal offers the Calgary marketplace natural and whole food cooking classes to teach our clients a greater appreciation for natural and organic foods.

Our Country Kitchen Chefs, have a passion for food! They have many years experience as a personal chefs, and in the food preparation business in the farm communities that surround Calgary. They are committed to sourcing organic, local and natural products of the highest quality and then delightfully weaving these ingredients into delicious, nutritious meals for you. Our Healthy Chef Delivery ™ master meal designer, is a trusted name in the Calgary area with a focus on healthy, nutritious and delicious prepared foods.

Angela Bewick has been studying nutritional healing for over a decade. Like most health practitioners, it was illness that brought Angela to discover firsthand the connection between diet and overall well-being. Angela is a Holistic Nutritionist and a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as well as a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners. She is also a mom of two and has a great interest in educating families to make healthier choices. Angela teaches whole foods cooking classes with Chinook Learning Services and offers personal nutritional consultations and coaching. Healthy Chef Delivery appreciates our association with Angela as both a professional and a long time family friend. She can be reached at 403-630-2616, or email us here and we will forward directly to Angela.

We encourage you to reach out to the many nutritionists, dieticians and healthy meal designers in the Calgary area, and feel free to call us at 403-265-2433 for a recommendation.

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