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HEALTHY CHEF DELIVERY offers SIMPLY FOR LIFE and SLIM FIT meal plan options. The 5 DAY MEAL PLAN, provides SIMPLY FOR LIFE approved choices in the drop down menus.

Each item has been carefully selected for each category to bring you a HEALTHY choice of items in each of the lunch, dinner, side and soup categories. Items with complex carbs (brown rice, quinoa, potatoes, healthy starches) are identified as Lunch items. Dinner items offer protein and vegetable selections. The side and soup selections bring you additional vegetable and complex carb options to round out your meals and snacks. Be sure to have vegetables with every meal and complex carbs at or before lunch. Vegetable or soups can also stand in as a healthy snack!

Entrée choices offer 3.5 -5 oz of protein per serving and 3/4 cup of vegetables or carbs. Protein intensive choices such as Salmon, Haddock or Roast Chicken offered as a stand alone item without a side, offer more protein to split between 2 people or 2 meals. HCD does not add additional salt, sugar or fat. Check the description in each of the individual items under A La Carte, for specific ingredients and weights regarding a choice. Our items are nutritionally balanced and offer nutrient rich cuisine!

Select from the drop down menus below: You will receive the following, per person, per day:

1 Dinner
1 Lunch
1 Side
This package includes: 1 Litre of Soup per person.

Available Options:

Dinner 1:

Dinner 2:

Dinner 3:

Dinner 4:

Dinner 5:

Lunch 1:

Lunch 2:

Lunch 3:

Lunch 4:

Lunch 5:

Side 1:

Side 2:

Side 3:

Side 4:

Side 5:

Side 6:

Soup 1:


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